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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Ocean Sex Sex story

<xmp>Characters ed by DC, Image, and Marvel.
Story should in no way be associated with any of
these companies.
Use of Justice Club is used with Yenoc's permission.
Sexual Material, story meant for people over 18
although it will probably be read by kids who pretend
to be older than they are. For shame.

Justice Club: Young Justice

by Alexi92

High profile superheroines were disappearing. Speculations were made
that they were just lying low, working undercover, dead, or
just disillusioned. After all, who could really blame Batgirl for
giving up her tights after all the disturbing features of Gotham City.
But then Wonder Woman disappeared. Now it was one thing if Wonder Girl
went missing, after all it was Wonder Girl, a little kid with powers
that no one was sure about, but Wonder Woman was another matter.

But after three months people had begun to give up hope. If someone
who could hear a pin drop six countries over couldn't find Wonder Woman,
then the NYPD missing persons department didn't stand a chance. As far as
the world at large was concerned, Wonder Woman was gone.

To the six teenagers in the Justice League of America's former cave
headquarters Wonder Woman was a hot topic, if for no other reason than
the new Wonder Girl wouldn't shut the hell up about it.

"I'm telling you guys, Wonder Woman is alive. Nothing could kill her."

"Ah, you're just saying that because she's your idol," said Superboy
sourly. "If Superman couldn't find her, then she's not findable."

"What if there's some place Superman didn't look?" asked Secret.

"Impossible," explained Superboy, "Superman can see everywhere, he's
got X-ray vision."

"He can't see through lead," said Robin.

"Oh yeah," scoffed Superboy, "someone kidnapped Wonder Woman and just
happened to put her in a lead building."

"Not just her," said Robin. "Over the past year, over ten
superheroines have mysteriously disappeared, with no explanation."

"What I don't understand," Arrowette piped up, "is why no one really
noticed. Wonder Woman was the, what, sixth superheroine to disappear?
But I didn't hear anything about the other five until they associated
it with the disappearance of Wonder Woman."

"I know, I know," shouted Impulse. "It's like level 84 on Alien
Slavers. The evil mind controller is taking women, but he keeps the
populace thinking that nothing's happening, and its not until you get
the box of revelation that the world starts to take notice."

And on that very odd note, let's leave the six youngsters, since they
will spend the next few minutes talking about how silly Impulse is, and
explaining to Secret what slavery is. She won't like it, but they'll
explain that it's not really a big problem anymore. Those of us that read
the Justice Club series know not only what happened to Wonder Woman
and the others, but just how naive these kids are. Ah, youth. But I digress.

Instead, this time would be better spent introducing those of you
who don't know who these characters in the cave are to Young Justice.
They are six young superheroes that have banded together to fight the
evils of crime; that, and hang around.

First there's Superboy, 5'7", a.k.a. Superboy. Cloned to be a
replacement for Superman when the Man of Steel supposedly died, Superboy
took his present name when Superman returned from the dead. His powers
stem from tactile telekinesis, as he will tell anyone in his general
vicinity. This allows him to fly, pick up heavy objects, and control
objects through telekinesis. He wears a jumpsuit with the good old "S"
symbol, a leather jacket with the good old "S" symbol, and shades
without the good old "S" symbol.

Next there's Robin, 5'1", a.k.a. Tim Drake. He's the third Robin, and
not just a sidekick. Nope, this one has developed into a hero in his own
right, and even has his own car. He looks a lot like the other two
Robins, but imagine if their costumes had kevlar and pants instead of
those weird shorts.

The rest are pretty complicated.

Impulse, 5'1", a.k.a. Bart Allen, is the grandson of the silver age
Flash. He was born in the 30th century, and is actually only 2 years old,
but looks sixteen. It's due to a problem with his metabolism that was
fixed when he came to the 20th century. His learning was augmented by
virtual reality (realistic video game to the rest of us) and as a result,
he has the attention span of a gnat.

He's inherited his grandfather's superspeed. Big hair, big feet, and
a white costume with a big jagged red line down the middle indicating
lightning. Oh yeah, his mask is red with yellow goggles.

Now to the girls, and if you're reading a Justice Club story for any
other reason, you need to look into your thinking process.

Secret, 4'8", is a bit of a mystery. Not much is known about this
blue eyed girl, seemingly made of smoke, with blonde hair. She escaped
from a secret governmental organization with the help of the three
chaps listed above. Her memories are hazy, making her as naive and
innocent as someone can be, who inadvertently caused someone to go crazy
by looking in his eyes. She scared a guy that wiped the floor with the
JLA dozens of times, for cripes sake. Still, she seems quite innocent
about everything in the world. She can only maintain solid form for a
few moments at a time. Her costume is a brown jumpsuit with matching

Wonder Girl, 5'1", a.k.a. Cassie Sandsmark, the new Wonder Girl with
blue eyes and shoulder length black hair (wig), has only recently
stepped onto the scene. She helped Wonder Woman out a few times before
the Amazon, uh, disappeared. Headstrong and super strong, Wonder Girl
wears a costume of tight red biking shorts, black T-shirt with the Wonder
Woman logo and a "G" painted on with red fabric paint, a leather jacket
with the sleeves pulled up her forearms, a pair of gloves, tennis shoes,
and those riding goggles you see guys wearing in movies set in the 1920s.

Arrowette, 5'7", a.k.a. Cissie King-Jones, was raised to be a hero
like her mother, a girl who helped out Green Arrow as the original
Arrowette. Cissie was pushed into the role by her mother, but began to
pursue it on her own after her mother was sent to psychiatric counseling.
Her long blonde hair and blue eyes complement the red thigh high boots,
short flowing white skirt that goes about halfway down her thigh before
stopping, gold belt, red top that looks a hell of a lot like a sports
bra, and red gym shorts worn underneath the skirt. (And that's Japanese
gym shorts for you people who think I'm talking about something
approaching running shorts.)

If that's not enough of a description, go find a picture; the kids
are finally getting to a part of the story that we should listen to.

"We should try and find Wonder Woman," admitted Robin.

See, I told you. Whoops, sorry, back to the story, won't interrupt
like this again.

"We should try and find Wonder Woman," admitted Robin.

"I'll do it," Impulse said. Before anyone could stop him, he had
already run out of the cave in a blur of motion. Five heads looked at
the dust clouds left in the young speedster's wake, all silent as could

"You don't think..." Superboy trailed off.

"No..." Wonder Girl said, the slightest touches of doubt creeping
their way in.

As fast as he had left, Impulse was back again, holding a poster.
"Found her," he proclaimed proudly.

"You found her?" Superboy exclaimed, the skepticism ripe in his voice.

"Yup." Impulse unrolled the poster in his hand to display a gaudy
advertisement for something called "The Justice Club." The picture on
the poster had a Wonder Woman look-a-like giving a sultry come hither
glance to any who might pass by.

"Where did you find this?" asked Arrowette.

"It was at this weird restaurant, guys were drinking a lot, and
watching Wonder Woman dance on stage."

Superboy had his face in his hands, trying not to look at Impulse.
"Impulse, that was a strip club."

"What's a strip club?" Secret asked.

"It's some place where women take off their clothes for money,"
explained Wonder Girl. "They're degrading, and disgusting, and dirty..."

Secret was confused. "Then why would Wonder Woman be in one?"

"It wasn't her," said Wonder Girl.

"More than likely, it was an establishment catering to clientele
wishing to see women in superheroine costumes strip," added Robin. He
was studying the poster intently, and not only because of the sexy woman
on it. Well, okay, yes, it was because of the sexy woman, but he soon
noticed something else.

Robin took the poster to the main computer, conveniently located on
the wall. The computer scanned the picture, and compared it against pictures
in the database. It came up with a match.

"Oh shit," whispered Robin, his eyes glued to the readout.

"What's up batboy?" inquired Superboy.

"The woman on the poster," mumbled Robin. "I thought she looked
familiar. It's Batgirl."

"You're kidding," shrieked Arrowette.

"No, it's Batgirl," Robin repeated. The room was silent, but he spoke
up again. "We've got to investigate."

"But what about Wonder Woman?" Wonder Girl pleaded.

"This may tie into that," Robin explained. "We have to investigate
the Justice Club."

"Cool!" exclaimed Superboy. "Strippers!"

"Don't be so disgusting," Wonder Girl huffed.

"Hey, one minute with my Tactile Telekinesis..."

"Shut up about the Tactile Telekinesis!" screamed Impulse.

"Quiet!" All eyes turned to Robin. "We'll split up into two teams.
Impulse, you get Arrowette and Wonder Girl into the Justice Club
undetected. Secret and Superboy, you two investigate the owner
of the Justice Club, some guy named Thorne."

"What about you, oh illustrious leader?" asked Superboy. Robin was
taking the role of leader again. Superboy could never understand why
everyone assumed Robin was the leader; he was Superboy, after all.
Superman was in charge of the JLA, shouldn't there be some sort of

"I'm going to do my own digging, but I have to do it alone."

Superboy and Secret hovered over the city sky, watching for low
flying aircraft. Superboy held a map, trying to figure out the location
of their journey's goal. Secret watched him struggle with the map, and
then turned her attention to the city below.

"What city were we supposed to go to?" asked Superboy for the twelfth
time in the trip.

"Manchester, Alabama," Secret answered.

"Right, so that means we go..." Superboy looked at the map again, and
found Manchester. He pointed to the east. "That way."

Running at super speed, Impulse went by so fast the bouncers didn't
even notice him. He vibrated his molecules so fast that he was able to
pass through the door. The real trick was vibrating while carrying
Arrowette and Wonder Girl. He raced through the main area of the club,
where a blonde woman dressed as Marvel Girl from the X-Men was humping
a pole. Impulse finally stopped in the offices of one Mr. Thorne. Thorne
was not surprised.

Thorne had sensed the minds of Wonder Girl and Arrowette long before
they had entered the club. Delving into their minds, he was surprised to
find that there was a new Wonder Girl, and that her team of fellow
juvenile heroes had been the ones to weed him out. He would have to be
more careful in the future. But no matter, they were here, teenage
superheroes, and none of them with any mental training.

As the tendrils of his mind began to worm their way into the minds of
Arrowette and Wonder Girl, he looked over the young heroines. Their
tight young bodies would be excellent additions to the club. Aside from
their superheroine personas, they could also perform as kidnapped
schoolgirls, or heiresses that the more mature superheroines could save
and the supervillains could . The original Wonder Girl was
maturing nicely, but she no longer had the appeal of a teenaged youth.

"Where's Wonder Woman?" Wonder Girl demanded.

"Where's Batgirl?" Arrowette demanded.

"Where's your manners?" Thorne demanded. "How dare you young ladies
enter my office without an appointment."

"I, uh, we're, uh, sorry," Wonder Girl stammered. She wasn't so sure
they were doing the right thing anymore. What if this Thorne guy had no
idea where Wonder Woman was? What if they needed him to find Wonder
Woman? She looked at Cissie, and could tell that her friend was just as
uncomfortable as she was.

Thorne smiled, the girls were already succumbing to his power. Soon
they would be totally his. "My dears, my dears, it's no problem. Please,
have a seat. And young lady, its not polite to wear a wig when you're
talking to someone, it gives the impression of mistrust."

Wonder Girl and Arrowette sat down in the chairs facing Thorne's desk.
With complete disregard to her secret identity, Wonder Girl took off her
black wig to reveal her natural short blonde hair, which only made the
young girl look even more sexy than before.

"There now," said Thorne, "don't you feel hotter without the wig?"

Wonder Girl had to admit that she did feel sexier.

"I'm sure you two girls are interested in the operation I run here,
aren't you?" Thorne asked, prodding their minds along.

The teen superheroines nodded eagerly, they were interested, very

"And I'll bet you'd like to be given a tour, to see the excitement of
the club in action."

Yes, Arrowette thought, excitement, she wanted the excitement of the
club. Oh God, this was such a cool place, and Thorne was a really nice
guy. The thought of all the women dressed as superheroines and
villainesses dancing, shedding their clothing, arousing the audience...
it was all so exhilarating to think about. God, if only she could do
something like that, but Mr. Thorne would never let her...

"In fact, why don't I let you meet some of the dancers?"

Oh no, Wonder Girl thought, no. The dancers were so beautiful, not
like her. The dancers could go onstage and turn on the entire audience.
How she wished she could do that. To be able to get on stage in front of
all those men, and share herself with them. To be sexy like the dancers,
to be as exciting and glamorous as the dancers. Oh, how she wanted to be
a stripper, but she knew she wasn't good enough, and Mr. Thorne would

"Who knows, maybe we can even arrange for you to make your dancing
debuts in our club?"

Oh please! Arrowette and Wonder Girl thought to themselves. Please
let me dance, I want to dance so badly. They would do anything if Mr.
Thorne would let them dance. Anything. They would even...

Impulse looked at the blank stares of Arrowette and Wonder Girl as
the two went through the entire process of submitting to Thorne. Bart
wasn't sure exactly what was going on, but he knew he didn't like it.
Especially since Thorne wasn't saying anything that made sense. They
were looking for Batgirl, why would he want to become Lord of the Dance
and do some Irish Jig in this weird club?

"Where's Batgirl?" interjected Impulse.

Thorne looked up from the two girls. He had completely forgotten
about the damned boy. No matter, he would simply reach into the young
hero's mind and make him forget all about the two new dancers at the
Justice Club.

Thorne's mind reached out to Impulse, and he passed out, slumping
backwards into his seat. In the short seconds Thorne had made contact
with the speedster's mind, Impulse had gone through three hundred different
thoughts. It was too much for Thorne.

The girls suddenly snapped out of their trances, mortified. They had
been willing, more than willing, eager, to go out and become strippers
for this horrible man. Wonder Girl shoved her wig back on her head,
scared witless that she had risked her secret identity simply because
Thorne had told her it was impolite. He was a monster, there was no
getting around it. Oh no! If Wonder Woman were here, what kind of danger
could the Amazon princess be in?

Wonder Girl ran out of the office to search for her lost mentor.

Arrowette sat in her chair, still in shock at what she had been
prepared to do. She was still a virgin, yet she had been willing to
show an entire group of strangers her most private secrets. Thank God
Impulse had been there to stop Thorne. Impulse was always there to help
her out. In fact, it was Impulse who had first saved her life when she
became a superheroine. She definitely owed Impulse... Why was Impulse
staring at her like that?

When Impulse's mind had made contact with Thorne's it allowed some
of Thorne's evil lechery to infect Impulse's mind. And while Thorne was
a cool, subtle manipulator, Impulse only thought in extremes. The
lecherous thoughts compelled him.

Impulse grabbed Arrowette, and pushed her hard against Thorne's desk.

"Impulse? What are you doing?"

The speedster ignored her, and lifted the edge of her skirt up with
his hand. She tried to bat his hand away, but Impulse brushed her hand
aside with the back of his hand. He lifted the skirt up again, and used
his other hand to pull down the shorts she wore underneath.

"God no! Impulse! Stop! Stop!"

Arrowette tried to push him off of her, to hit him, to make him stop,
but Impulse was too strong for her. Any time she tried to hit him, he
swatted her hand away at super speed, and was back to removing her
shorts as if nothing had happened.

"No. Stop. No! Impulse!!!" Arrowette was hysterical trying to get
Impulse off of her. "STO-O-OP!"

Once the shorts were down around her knees, Impulse shoved Arrowette
completely onto the table. She tried to get away, but in seconds, he was
on top of her, his cock hanging out, the pants of his costume around his
knees. Holding her down with one hand as she tried desperately to push
him off, Impulse's hand went to Arrowette's panties and grabbed them,
pulling the white Hanes off with one yank.

Arrowette began to cry. Between sobs, she pleaded futilely for
Impulse to stop. The young hero ignored her, focusing on getting his
cock between her pussy lips. As she hit him with weak punches, he glided
his manhood into her cunt. With super fast thrusts, Impulse fucked
Arrowette at superspeed. He tore through her cherry in seconds.

Impulse pumped in and out of Arrowette at twenty-five times a second,
his balls slapping against her in a repetitive blur. She screamed at the
sensation, her pussy trying to lubricate to prevent friction from
setting her on fire. Her mouth opened to protest, but he forced his
own mouth over hers, muffling her screams. He shoved his tongue in her
mouth, and let it explore her oral canal, just as his cock was invading
her vaginal one.

His constant, repeated, near blinding poundings into her cunt was
beginning to affect her, and she began to feel an orgasm approach.
Pleasure began to overcome the last of her protests, and she began to
thrust back, trying to expedite the oncoming rush of bliss.

Arrowette wanted to be fucked by Impulse. It was Impulse who had
saved her life, it was Impulse who helped her when she needed it, it was
Impulse that was most important to her. Yes, Impulse had ripped away her
virginity, and was pushing her harder and harder into unknown pleasures!
He had known this was what she secretly wanted, and he had given it to

The two heroes were fucking each other with reckless abandon on
Thorne's desk. Impulse drove his manhood into Arrowette's now accepting
pussy, cramming her cunt with his hard, Speed-Force driven cock.

"Oh God, Impulse! Yes! Yes! Oh God! Impulse!! Fuck me!! Fuck me!!"

Her screams only drove him harder. He began to speed up his hammering
of her virgin pussy. His cock was nothing but a blur as it moved in and
out of her. The increase pushed her over the edge and she came, shouting
loudly as she experienced her first orgasm. Soon, she could feel
Impulse's hot cum shoot up her cunt as he came.

Arrowette looked lovingly at her hero. She could feel his cock become
limp in her cunt, and loved every second of it. Impulse's cock began to
harden as his sped up metabolism let his body react to his lecherous
thoughts. He was soon pumping in and out of her again, in a haze of

She was uncertain what to do now. With the way his sped up metabolism
worked, he could fuck her for days before he even began to get tired.
Arrowette didn't know if she could withstand all that fucking, all that
orgasming, all that pleasure. The first time had been exhausting, to do
it hundreds of time, thousands maybe, she wasn't sure if she could
survive it.

But as she looked into Impulse's determined face, Arrowette decided
she would try. If Impulse needed Arrowette, then Arrowette would be
there for him. She wouldn't let Impulse down.

Wherever she was, there certainly were a lot of strippers. Wonder
Girl looked at them all, dressed as X-Women, Teen Titans, Avengers, and
all manner of other costumes. They were all so beautiful in their own
way, each one so fit and desirable.

It was a shame she would have to beat them all up if they didn't tell
her where Wonder Woman was.

Then She-Hulk walked in. Wonder Girl had to rethink her strategy. If
Thorne had been able to brainwash She-hulk, then there was no way Wonder
Girl could fight her way out of this ordeal. What if her search brought
her up against Wonder Woman herself, and she actually had to fight her

God, she would just die, first from the anguish, and then again, when
Wonder Woman beat the shit out of her.


Wonder Girl turned, and saw a woman in an outfit that suggested
dominatrix without being blatant. It bore a striking resemblance to a
Catwoman costume.

Wonder Girl pointed at herself. "Who, me?"

"Of course, you," the dominatrix said, annoyed. "What are you doing

"I, ah, I'm new."

"I see Thorne likes them younger now. New at this too, aren't you?
No matter."

The dominatrix walked right up to Cassie, and looked her over. Wonder
Girl looked the dominatrix over in kind. The dominatrix looked familiar;
Wonder Girl puzzled over where she had seen her before. The poster! The
woman in the poster. The dominatrix was Batgirl! Oh God, this was

"I'm Anygirl," said Batgirl. "You might do nicely on stage, but
change out of those horrible clothes. Come along, I'll find something
that suits you better."

Wonder Girl followed the former Batgirl deeper into the dressing room,
and wondered what she had gotten herself into.

Arrowette orgasmed once again. Her hero shot another load of his seed
into her womb, and was hard again in no time. He thrust into her again.
Arrowette had forgotten how many times they had repeated the process,
how many times she had orgasmed. She stopped counting at one hundred,
fifty-seven. But Impulse needed her, and she would...

Arrowette feinted as Impulse shot another load up her cunt. He looked
down at her, exhausted and unconscious. He pulled out of the blonde teen,
shoved his cock back in his costume, and ran. He hoped Carol was still
at home.

Thorne awoke to find the beautiful Arrowette passed out on his desk,
her legs open, and her cunt overflowing with cum. She was mumbling
something about Impulse, but he gave it no further thought. The wretched
boy was gone.

Thorne had a headache, but he knew the opportunity could not be
wasted. Arrowette's mind was near comatose from continuous cumming and
orgasming; it would put up little or no defense. He let his mind take
over Arrowette's thoughts, her will was dominated by his power. In no
time at all, she was his.

Thorne had Catwoman come into his office, and lick out the cum in
Arrowette's pussy. Like a cat lapping up milk, Selina's tongue flicked
in and out of the unconscious teenager's vagina, slurping out Impulse's
slimy seed. Thorne leaned back and watched. Once she was clean and awake,
he decided, Arrowette would be able to perform.

"This should do," said Anygirl, holding up a white Power Girl costume.
"You're a little scrawny, but the hair match is close enough."

The former Batgirl had made Wonder Girl take off her wig, strip
out of her usual costume, and remove all underwear. Anygirl's claim that it
wouldn't do for the blonde haired teen to strip off thrift store
clothing in front of the customers sent chills down the young heroine's

Cassie pulled on the sleeved spandex swimsuit and red cape that made
up the Power Girl costume onto her naked body, thankful for the covering.
The suit clung to her developing, yet well defined, curves. Anygirl
smiled at the young girl; the child might be only a teenager, but she
looked sexy in the costume, young, fresh and perky. Perhaps, Anygirl
thought, she could get Thorne to give her this girl later.

The music from the act on stage stopped, and a dancer dressed like
Phoenix ran quickly out of the dressing room, her breasts bouncing in
an enticing rhythm. As she left, a black haired dancer, naked and
holding a Huntress costume, walked in.

"Excuse me," Anygirl told Cassie. Wonder Girl watched as Anygirl
started berating the returned dancer for not going out into the audience
to suck the customers' cocks, or taking any of the men to one of the
new back rooms to fuck. With a loud slap, Anygirl rapped the back of her
hand against the dancer's cheek, throwing the raven haired woman back,
clutching her face, crying. Fairchild and She-Hulk picked her up, the
dancer pleading to be let go, shouting her apologies to deaf ears.

Anygirl came back to Cassie, and started to apply makeup to the young
girl's face. "Sorry you had to witness that," said Anygirl, "but Helena
just hasn't gotten the hang of things yet."

"W-what's going to happen to her?"

"She-Hulk and Fairchild are taking Helena to a back room, where
she'll probably be fucked by some sort of large animal, probably a mule.
Don't worry, I'm sure you'll do fine. Now, let's take a look at you."

Anygirl stepped back, and admired the teenage version of Power Girl
that she had created. The hair was a little bit shorter than the real Power Girl,
but otherwise, the girl looked perfect. Good enough to fuck. The music
from Phoenix's act was just dying down. Soon, this blonde bimbo would be
dancing and fucking like a whore.

Anygirl smiled at the thought.

If Anygirl had an inkling that the young woman in front of her was
the new Wonder Girl, the smile would have been twice as wide, and her
cunt would have been twice as wet.


Anygirl pushed Cassie toward the stage. Wonder Girl tried desperately
to figure a way out of her situation, while Anygirl gave tips for the
young heroine's stripping debut. "Remember that when the music is over,
you should be naked and already making your way into the crowd. Suck
some cock, and see if you can get anyone to go to the back. Room 17
should be free. When you're done, find me, and I'll help you pick your
next costume."

With a final push, Cassie was thrust onto stage. The stares of a
dozen men began to roam her adolescent body, some focusing on her firm
young breasts pressing against the white material of her adopted costume.
Other stares watched her ass, the back of the Power Girl costume digging
into the crack between her buttocks. Wonder Girl felt the eyes on her,
trying not to make eye contact with any of her new admirers.

The dancer that had been dressed like Phoenix was visible in the
audience, naked and sucking the penis of a man with red sunglasses in
the front row.

Music, some generic song by a techno-dance group, began to play, and
Wonder Girl was momentarily frozen like a deer staring at headlights.
Cassie was unsure of what she was supposed to do; if she didn't strip,
she could be found out and subjected to one of the odd punishments this
club seemed to have, but if she did strip, oh God... her mother would
kill her. And how could she ever look Superboy in the eyes ever again?

But fucking a donkey...

Cassie tried to remember what she had seen strippers do on television.
Bumping and grinding, Wonder Girl's hands pushed her breasts together
temporarily, before slowly moving down her body, pressing the already
tight costume to her flesh. Moving along the outline of the costume,
her hands made their way to her crotch. She rubbed the material over her
pussy, trying to make a sexy expression.

Wonder Girl pulled the material tight against her cunt, allowing her
bumping and grinding to push her vagina hard against the white cloth in
one moment, and pull it away the next. This constant shifting of the
bland white wall of cloth material, naked body visible through the holes
the costume provided for her legs, and the image of her cunt straining
to break free from a tight prison, went on for half a minute, before she
let the costume's crotch go.

Her hands found the pole in the middle of the stage, and Cassie
pulled herself toward the metal shaft. Her hips thrust forward to hump
the pole, grinding her pussy into the hard rod. Her back arched, and
Wonder Girl fell to her knees, cunt sliding down the pole to the ground.

Pausing only for a moment, Wonder Girl pulled herself up, hand over
hand, using the pole. The moment Cassie was dreading had come. She faced
the audience, her mind racing, but the image of a large donkey invading
her body very much a motivator.

Pulling the Power Girl costume from her shoulder, Cassie pivoted on
her stiletto heeled feet so that her back was to the crowd. She bared
the other shoulder, and pulled the spandex suit down slowly to her waist,
teasing the men behind her with only a glimpse of her back. Wonder Girl
could see Anygirl backstage, gesturing madly at her to turn around.

Covering her breasts with her arms, Cassie pivoted again. Gradually,
her arms came down, and the audience could see her exposed breasts.
Deciding to let it all go for broke, Wonder Girl tumbled back, rolling
onto her back, legs shooting up into the air. She pulled the last of the
white costume from her hips, and rolled her legs to her reclined body
to pull the material from her legs. In doing so, she made visible her
asshole and pussy to the leering men of the audience.

Rolling into a sitting position, she let her legs spread to display
her cunt for the customers. After letting them get a good look, Wonder
Girl got up and began prancing around the stage, trying not to let her
distress or embarrent be too noticeable.

The music ended, and was replaced by a loud scream from the back of
the club. Wonder Girl couldn't tell if Helena was yelling from pleasure
or pain, but it was probably pain.

Hoping to avoid such a fate for herself, she walked to the edge of
the stage, and hopped off the wooden precipice to the floor below.
Cassie scanned the customers; if she had to put some stranger's dick in
her mouth, she would at least choose who.

The choices weren't appealing by any stretch of the imagination. Of
the dozen or so men in the audience two were caked in filth, probably
bums from the street. The customer at one table looked like the
stereotypical redneck, missing various teeth and grinning like an idiot.
The only really handsome man in the bunch was the man in red sunglasses,
but the Phoenix dancer was already in the process of taking him to one
of the back rooms.

Cassie began to sweat as the choices dwindled down, and it was
looking more and more likely that she would have to "perform" on one of
the less desirable customers. Then her eyes focused on a table in the
corner, almost obscured to invisibility. The guy sitting at it was
hunched over, trying to be inconspicuous, unseen. He had short black
hair, which had been loosely combed back, and was dressed in sunglasses
and a black leather jacket. Although he seemed to be giving off a James
Dean, Rebel Without a Cause aura, close examination showed him to be
more than a little uncomfortable in his surroundings. He couldn't be
more than 18, if that.

Wonder Girl strolled over to his table, quickening her pace after a
few gropes and grabs at her naked body touched some rather sensitive
areas. She tried to remind herself to be calm, as not to alarm the
bodyguards, but it was hard. Stopping in front of the boy, she tried to
talk in a sultry voice.

"Do you want some attention?"

The boy looked up at Cassie, and her heart skipped. He was nervous,
she could tell.


"Do you mind if I suck on your cock?" Wonder Girl asked, falling to
her knees. She pulled the button on his jeans, and quickly unzipped his
pants. Her hand reached past the elastic of his boxers, and took out his
cock. The male organ felt strange in Cassie's hands, but she needed to
do this.

"C-Cassie?" the boy asked, bewildered.

She gasped. Someone had recognized her. Cassie could feel the world
crumbling around her. Words began tumbling out of her mouth in a
whispered hush.

"Oh God. Look don't tell anyone, please. I'll suck your dick good,
really. I'll let you do anything you want to me, fuck me, hit me, just
don't tell anyone. Please. Oh please. I mean it, I'll please you. I can
do it."

Cassie kissed his member, causing it to move, hardening. She kissed
it again and again, until the cock was hard and erect.

"See, I love your dick, really. Oh god, please don't tell anyone
about this. I didn't have any choice, they made me. I..."

"Cassie," the boy whispered forcefully, "it's me, Robin."

"Robin?" Wonder Girl looked up from the Boy Wonder's hard cock, and
looked at his face. It was a good disguise, but now that she knew what
to look for, she could see it was Robin. He had never seen her without
her black wig on, had he? No wonder he was a little put out, and that
she had just kissed his cock to hardness couldn't have helped.

"Wonder Girl," whispered Robin, "why is Batgirl looking at us,
smiling? What happened to her?"

"Oh God," said Wonder Girl. She had forgotten about Anygirl. The
former Batgirl would figure out Robin was in the club if the two of them
did nothing but whisper.

"Play along," Wonder Girl told Robin quietly. She focused again on
his penis, put her mouth over his cock, and clamped her lips around his
manhood. She was shocked at the sensation of a cock in her mouth, but
the horrible thought of a donkey making her its mate allowed her to
continue. Letting her tongue caress Robin's cock, she pumped the cock
in and out of her mouth.

"Wait," Robin tried to say, but before he could stop Wonder Girl, her
blonde head was bobbing in his lap. At first, Robin thought she was just
going through the actions for appearances sake, but the attentions of
her tongue told him she was actually trying to get him off. As Wonder
Girl brought him closer to release, Robin wondered is she was going to
have him cum in her mouth.

"Anygirl," said Thorne, "this is Arrowette." He presented the young
heroine to his dancer-in-charge. Arrowette was still in costume, looking
around eagerly. Thorne was in control of her mind again, and she wanted
so much to dance on stage like the beautiful dancers around her.

"Hello," smiled Anygirl. She stroked Arrowette's face. "Aren't you a
pretty little thing. You're even prettier than that other blonde child
that danced."

Arrowette cooed at the attention.

Thorne frowned. "What other blonde child?"

"Why, her," Anygirl said, pointing at the blonde haired teenaged girl
giving a blowjob to a "Grease" wannabe.

"Excellent," said Thorne. He smiled, his control was obviously over
the new Wonder Girl. Now she was just another whore for the club,
eagerly giving pleasure to the customers. He wanted to celebrate, and
knew the perfect way.

"Barbara, I want you to take Arrowette on stage next. Give the
audience a performance they will never forget."

Anygirl ran off to prepare, with a malicious grin on her face.

Thorne turned to his newest dancer, smiling. "Anygirl is going to
show you how to entertain the customers."

Arrowette jumped, clapping her hands together, releasing a quick
squeal of joy. She kissed Thorne on the cheek. "Oh, thank you, thank
you, thank you, thank you!"

Wonder Girl was grinding her ass into Robin's lap. She could feel his
dick reharden, almost pushing into the crack of her buttocks. Cassie
tightened her butt cheeks together to prevent an accidental onset of
anal sex; oral sex was more than enough. She still had a salty
aftertaste from Robin cumming in her mouth. She had swallowed it,
unwilling to let his seed run down her body to her pussy. She didn't
need to get pregnant from the whole ordeal. She wasn't sure if one could
get pregnant like that, but she had heard stories.

When this was all over, the two of them were going to have to
reevaluate their relationship. But that was for later. Now, the two
teenage heroes were conversing in whisper while Wonder Girl gave Robin
the lapdance. Robin was accommodating the illusion, running his hands
over Cassie's cunt and golden bush. She wished he would stop, but
couldn't bring herself to ask.

"Where are Arrowette and Impulse?"

"I don't know. I left them together in Thorne's office after the
bastard collapsed. They seemed okay."

"You don't know."

"I've been kinda preoccupied."


"What're you doing here?"

"I got a lead that a lot of heroines were being kidnapped,
brainwashed, and forced to dance here."

"Let me guess, Batgirl, She-Hulk, and Fairchild?"

"And just recently, Huntress and Phoenix. How did you know?"

"I saw them all backstage. Oh God, if Wonder Woman is here..."

"She'll probably be brainwashed and a stripper."

"We've got to save her."

"By ourselves? No, we've got to regroup. Get Arrowette and Impulse,
and get out of here."

"But what about... Oh!"

Wonder Girl had let her control relax, and the head of Robin's cock
brushed against her asshole, penetrating slightly. Cassie pulled away
quickly, and Robin offered a sheepish, "Sorry."

Wonder Girl turned around and straddled Robin's lap, careful that his
dick was away from her precious pussy. She began to grind against him
again, her tits occasionally brushing past his face.

From a speaker system, a voice announced, "And now, for your
enjoyment, the Justice Club is proud to introduce the first performance
of the teenaged superheroine, Arrowette, with Justice Club favorite

"Oh no, Arrowette!" Wonder Girl exclaimed. "Anygirl must have caught
her, too."

Robin said nothing. Instead, he watched the show. Eventually, he came
to a conclusion, mind control.

"Arrowette," said Anygirl, her red hair tied into a bun. The mistress
of the Justice Club was dressed in a mockery of a school marm, white
blouse unbuttoned to her navel, occasionally flashing her tits to the
crowd as she moved. Her plaid skirt ended just above her buttocks,
allowing a liberal view of her cunt. In fact, the skirt resembled a
large belt, more than a dress. For shoes, Anygirl wore red fuck-me pumps.

"Arrowette," repeated Anygirl, "why don't you show us your favorite

"Yes, mistress," said Arrowette, giggling. From the sheath of arrows
on her back, she pulled out an arrow shaft with a rubber phallus where
the arrowhead should be.

"What do you call that?" asked Anygirl, overacting her lines.

"A dildo arrow, mistress."

"However do you use that?"

"Like this, mistress." Arrowette lifted her skirt, and worked the
dildo into her cunt slowly, inch by inch. When she finished, her sex had
engulfed the entire dildo, leaving a long wooden arrow shaft protruding
from her body.

"Hold it in there, Arrow slut," Anygirl said. She walked up to the
young heroine, and grabbed the protruding arrow shaft. Shaking the shaft
vigorously, Anygirl caused Arrowette to moan in pleasure as the dildo
in her body jerked around the walls of her cunt.

"Is the Arrow slut getting horny?" asked Anygirl.

"Yes, mistress, Arrow slut is very horny!"

"What do you want, Arrow slut?"

"I want to fuck, mistress."

"Then take off your top, slut."

Arrowette took off her pack of arrows, and pulled her top over her
head, careful not to take off her mask. Anygirl marveled at the
teenager's large breasts. Although the other teenager had normal sized
breasts for a developing teenager, Arrowette seemed fully developed.

Anygirl pulled the dildo arrow from Arrowette's moist pussy with a
barely audible "pop".

"Please let me fuck, mistress."

"Who do you want to fuck, Arrow slut?"

"Anybody. Everybody!"

"Then fuck me, Arrow slut."

"Thank you, mistress."

Arrowette crouched down. She hugged Anygirl's buttocks, allowing her
own tongue to flick her mistresses' cunt. Arrowette's own cunt was
rubbing against Anygirl's bare leg in a desperate attempt at relief.
Cissie continued to please her mistress orally, her tongue bringing the
red haired dominatrix to orgasm.

"Is this the place?" asked Secret.

"That's what the map says," answered Superboy. "But this can't be

"It's a statue, isn't it?"

"Yup. Well, this was a bust."

"What's that red blur?"

Secret and Superboy flew toward the oversized statue of some guy in
a loincloth holding a torch. While it wasn't too odd that the statue
was of Statue of Liberty proportions, the fact that it was on a pillar
a hundred feet in the air was. People in Manchester were odd in their
statue building days.

The two heroes soon found out the cause of the blur. One teenaged
hero named Impulse, fucking at superspeed. His participant had at one
time been unwilling, but was screaming, "Yes, Bart! Yes!" at the top of
her lungs, black hair in disarray, glasses still on her face.

Carol Bucklen had been a little surprised to find her best friend,
Bart Allen, at her door in his Impulse costume. He usually preferred to
visit her in his secret identity at the insistence of Max Mercury,
Impulse's teacher in super-heroics. She was even more surprised when she
was naked two seconds later, undressed by Impulse at super speed.

Before she could ask, "Bart, what are you doing?" Carol was on her
back with Impulse's cock ramming in and out of her. At first, she tried
to protest, but every time she tried to say something, Bart carried her
somewhere else at superspeed, disorienting her. He just continued to

Impulse carried and fucked Carol in her living room, in her room,
his room, the boys room at school, the roof of the mini-mart, a supply
closet in some business office, the park, a wing closed for renovation
at the museum where her brother worked, the cemetery, and two condemned
buildings. Carol had orgasms in half of the buildings of Manchester.
When Impulse carried her to the statue in the middle of town, she
stopped trying to talk or resist, and simply fucked him back, allowing
his superspeed cock to bring her to the heights of ecstasy.


Bart pulled out of Carol, and turned. He saw Secret and Superboy
floating, looking at him with confused looks on their faces. He ignored
them, and turned his attention back to Carol. She grabbed his cock and
he came. His hot semen shot from his cock onto her breasts and face.
She shouted in joy, and rubbed Impulse's cum over her skin, licking away
what had fallen around her mouth. She smiled and passed out from

Impulse, hard once again, turned to his teammates.

"Dude," said Superboy, "what the hell are you doing here? Aren't you
supposed to be at the Justice Club, not getting your rocks off..."

Impulse lunged at Secret. But the girl was made of mist, a fact which
had apparently escaped what passed for Bart's thoughts. He jumped clear
through her, and began to fall.

"Shit," said Superboy, who plunged after him. Superboy caught Impulse
fifty feet from the ground. "What they fuck's up with you?"

"Pussy," grunted Impulse. "Need pussy."

"You and me both," said Superboy.

Secret floated down to the two. She looked at Bart, and their eyes
locked. Impulse was suddenly freed from his lust clouded state.

"Woah," was all the teenage speedster could say.

"Dude," Superboy groaned, "put your dick away."

"Sorry," said Impulse. He pulled up his costume.

"Where are the others?" asked Superboy.

"I left them at the Justice Club."

"Then let's go," said Superboy, rocketing to New York.

"What's happening to Arrowette?" asked Wonder Girl.

"Never mind," said Robin, flushed. "Is there some way we can get to
the back of the club?"

"I can pretend to take you to one of the back rooms."

"Back rooms. Okay, let's go."

Wonder Girl unstraddled Robin's lap, and the boy wonder's cock shot
straight up. He pulled his pants carefully up over his erection. Wonder
Girl took his hand, leading him to the back rooms. As they moved to the
back of the club, she got a look at Arrowette on her back, while Anygirl
finger fucked the blonde archer.

Robin and Wonder Girl had gotten into the back, to the row of doors
for the private rooms, when another girl walked out of room 35 in front
of them. The girl had long black hair and a young body, but not as young
as Cassie's, and it looked like it had been fucked a lot. Fresh cum
coated the girl's breasts.

Cassie recognized her immediately. "Wonder Girl!"

"Hmm?" the young girl looked up. "What?"

"That's the original Wonder Girl?" marveled Robin.

"She disappeared years ago. I guess Thorne got her, too."

"Hello," the first Wonder Girl said cheerily. "Are you going to fuck?"

"Yes," said Robin, carefully.

"Oh, good. I love to fuck too."

"What happened to her?" Cassie whispered. "She's like an airhead."

"Mind control, I think," whispered Robin.

"Can I join your fuck?" pleaded Wonder Girl. "I promise not to cum
until you do. I need to fuck so bad. Put your cock in my cunt."

"Er, no, I want him all to myself," Cassie said.

"Oh drat, can I just give him a blow job? I love the taste of cum.
Please? I'm really good."

"Hey, what's that?" shouted Robin, pointing behind the original
Wonder Girl.

"What?" The black haired fucktoy turned.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Robin pulled out a batarang and tossed it
at the brainwashed heroine. It hit her in the head, knocking her out.

"God, we've got to stop this guy," Robin declared.

"Not so fast," said a voice behind them.

Robin and Cassie turned to face...

"Wonder Woman!" Cassie shouted.

"Well, if it isn't the little bimbo wannabe," laughed Wonder Woman.
"Come to stop Master Thorne, have you? I think not."

"You're under his control, you have to fight it!" shouted Cassie.

"Fuck you." With that, Wonder Woman ensnared the two teenage heroes
with her golden lasso.

Back on stage, Arrowette was on all fours, groaning in pleasure as
Anygirl's skilled fingers brought the young girl to a rhapsody of
sexual relief. The customers watched as Arrowette screamed, her body
quivering in the throes of pleasure. A man sitting up close to the
stage allowed his hand to fall to his crotch, playing with himself
through his pants.

"Now, now, now," Anygirl called out to the masturbator. "We can't
have paying customers jacking off in the club. Who knows how messy it
could get."

The man's hand shot up from his meddling, a guilty expression
drooping his face.

"So you'd better let Arrow slut suck up all your dirty cum," Anygirl
continued. "Feed her your cock, compliments of the Justice Club. Arrow
slut loves to swallow every little drop. Isn't that right, Arrow slut?"

"Oh, yes, mistress!"

The man climbed on stage, where he promptly pulled out his cock. The
hard rod was pushed into Arrowette's mouth, and she began to suck on it,
her technique little more than suckling. The action let Arrowette's
tongue massage the underside of the strange shaft in her mouth. Although
little more than a moist vacuum for his member, Arrowette caused the
man to unload his balls in the heroine's luscious mouth. She swallowed
it all, gulping quickly as another shot of cum filled her mouth. When
his spurts stopped, she let her tongue lick off any cum still on his
cock, flicking the peehole to clean out any excess cum. The man groaned,
and one final spurt of the salty discharge torpedoed into her mouth.

The cock pulled from Arrowette's mouth, and a strand of cum hung in
the air from the cock to her mouth before it fell, splattering lightly
onto the girl. Arrowette grunted as Anygirl's fingers continued to play
with the teenager's cunt, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm.

Thorne watched, a sadistic smile on his face. He was in Arrowette's
mind, suppressing her climax. She wouldn't reach orgasm until he deemed
it appropriate; she would just feel herself reaching closer and closer
to a sexual rapture that seemed just within sight. The blonde heroine
would get hornier and hornier, trying to find the release she desired
so desperately.

Already, another customer was getting his cock sucked by Arrowette,
a line forming behind him. The masturbator was hard again, but the line
for oral pleasure was a little too long. But the heroine's asshole was
looking inviting with each passing second.

Thorne laughed to himself. Mind-controlled sluts was a gift he
intended to share.

She-Hulk, her green muscular body hidden under her bouncer's uniform,
smiled. The bitch Huntress had put on quite a show for the Jade Giantess
and Fairchild. The thought of the oversized animal cock pushing its way
into Helena's tight cunt, while the raven-haired heroine screamed at the
top of her lungs, filled She-Hulk with a tingling sensation she would
have to take care of during her next break.

The emerald skinned bouncer could still see the Huntress' large
breasts covered in sweat, swaying chaotically as the heroine jerked from
the pain of the equine rapist's cock violating her body. Looking off
into the distance, she could still hear the screams, smell the sweat,
see a dot in the horizon get closer at an alarmingly fast rate, taste
her own anticipation...

What dot?


Superboy's fist slammed into She-Hulk's jaw, enhanced by a mile long
flying start and tactile telekinesis. She-Hulk passed out from the pain
of a broken mandible.

"Who's the man?" shouted Superboy jubilantly. "Who's the man?"

"Oh, please," muttered Impulse.

"Will she be okay?" asked Secret.

"She'll be fine, just spending some time in slumberland," asserted
Superboy. "Now, let's go save our team from this Thorne guy."

Unencumbered by a bouncer, he opened the door and went into the club.
The others followed.

Thorne felt a presence enter the club, a superhero. He mentally
commanded the customers not to notice anything but the game onstage.
Making his way to the false entrance, Thorne cursed his luck. Arrowette
was about to lose her anal virginity, and he wouldn't be present to

"Please, Wonder Woman, you have to snap out of it!" pleaded Cassie.

"Oh, shut up," Wonder Woman said. The lasso's effect of making the
captive subservient to the captor's commands took hold, and Cassie was
unable to continue her pleas.

"Robin and Wonder Girl," scoffed Wonder Woman. "You children just
aren't suited to be superheroes. Look how miserably you failed this
mission. You're naked, secret identities revealed for anyone to see.
You disgust me!"

Wonder Girl hung her head in shame. To be betrayed by her mentor,
even if her mentor was under mind control, was more damaging than any
strip show. Behind her, Robin said nothing in an uncomfortable silence.
He had been made to strip. Cassie hadn't recognized his secret identity,
but his hard cock was becoming uncomfortably familiar. Turned around by
Wonder Woman to prevent any accidental insertion, he stood bare
buttocks to bare buttocks with Cassie as she faced the Amazon Princess.

"You two aren't meant to be superheroes. You're nothing but hormone-
ridden teenagers looking for a good time. In fact, you're names are now
Robin and Cassie, you were never anything more than regular teens, and
you love each other so much that you want to do nothing more than fuck,
right here, right now."

The magical lasso did its work, and Cassie tried to resist as she
felt her love of heroics, the need to help people, the sense of
responsibility to use her super powers to benefit others, drain away.
It was replaced by a longing... no, she had to resist... for Robin, to
see him, ...No... feel his body against hers, in her...but she would
get pregnant... Robin, her beloved ...god no.. Robin and his wonderful
cock were all she wanted.

The lasso holding her was pulled off her. She was free. Cassie turned,
and came face to face with her lover. Robin was naked, her favorite look.

Robin pulled her into his arms, and kissed Cassie on the lips. The
young girl sighed with contentment, her longings disappearing. As long
as she was with Robin, everything would be all right. She pulled away
from his kiss.



"Oh god, I need you."

"I want you Cassie, here, now."

"Yes, Robin, put it in me. Give me your cock."

Robin scooped up his love in his arms, and laid her against the
cement ground. It was cold and a little uncomfortable, but Cassie didn't
care. She waited in breathless anticipation as her reason for living,
her hero, no not hero, her handsome champion, mounted her body and
slowly slid his wonderful manhood into her eager cunt, to form a union
that must truly be destined.

Wonder Woman stifled her laughter as she watched the show from the
side, bemused at the spectacle. Wonder Girl was becoming a silly,
lovelorn slut, and loving every moment of it. Robin plunged his cock
into the blonde girl's cunt, and began to gently fuck his perceived

"Oh yes! Robin, fuck me!"

"I love you, Cassie!"

"I love you, Robin. Oh god! Yes! Fuck me! I want to feel your cum in

"You love it!"


It was all Wonder Woman could do not to break into a fit of giggles.

Thorne took over Superboy's mind. It was simple really, no challenge
whatsoever. The successor to the Man of Steel floated in the middle of
the entrance room, mind blank as a sheet of paper. Impulse and Secret
tried to move him, but Superboy could not be budged.

Thorne watched the group, hidden in the walls. He had learned his
lesson with Impulse, and was watching this one from one of the Justice
Club's many secret rooms. This one looked into the entrance room leading
to the stage.

Thorne knew he couldn't take over the mind of Impulse, it was too
chaotic. But the floating girl, she was pretty, and if in the company
of Superboy and Impulse, no doubt, powerful. He decided to use the girl
to get rid of Impulse. With the annoying speedster gone, she would
simply become another of his dancers.

Thorne reached out, touched her mind, and passed out.


Arrowette was a sight to behold. She lay on her back, on top of a man
with his cock in her ass. She bounced on his cock, while on every side
of her body, a man was being pleased by the blonde heroine. A cock
penetrated her pussy, another was lodged in her mouth as she attended to
it with her tongue. Arrowette gave handjobs to two customers, while
others jacked off around her, watching the girl fuck five men at once.

The cock in her cunt pulled out, and hot cum began to splatter over
her stomach. Her oral attentions paid off, and that cock removed itself
as well, shooting its milky treasure onto her face. Hot cum discharged
into her ass, and she was pushed off the flesh mattress she had been
using. Tumbling forward, her grip hardened around the two cocks in her
hands, and they began to shoot their loads onto her body.

Another cock took up residence in her cunt. Someone shoved their
shaft into her mouth, and Arrowette began to fuck and suck anew. Jizz
began to hit her from all directions. It didn't stop.

The two brainwashed heroes were fucking faster, their passions
inflaming the drive of their lust. Robin's balls struck against Cassie's
body as his hips pistoned his throbbing cock in and out of her body.

"Robin, oh Robin!"

"I'm going to cum!"

"Yes, I want to feel your hot cum."

Gods, thought Wonder Woman, they talk like they're in some weird porn

Robin's body went rigid, and the boy wonder exhaled loudly. He came
violently, cum shooting into Cassie's uterus.

"Yes!" shouted Cassie. She could feel her lovers cum fill her, the
wonderful thrill of it all. Her body responded by sending a climax
through her body.

Robin collapsed onto Cassie's body, both teens exhausted. The boy's
white cum dripped out of Cassie's pussy, his deflating cock still in her
messy cunt. Cassie's arms embraced her lover, holding him tightly, never
wanting to let go. Robin let his cheek rest against her blonde hair.

"I can feel it, Robin, I can feel it in me. It's so wonderful!"

Wonder Woman took her lasso, and carefully looped it over their heads.
It was easy, with their close proximity and inert states.

"Now is no time to stop, kids. Robin, get hard again."

Cassie moaned as the cock in her cunt grew to hardness.

"Robin, you love to fuck Cassie in the ass. If you don't cum in her
ass, you'll lose her forever."

Robin shook his head weakly. No, he couldn't lose Cassie, anything
but that. Robin got up and pulled his erection from Cassie's cunt,
causing the girl to emit a whimper.

"Can't lose Cassie."

"Then you'd better cum in her ass. Cassie, if you don't help Robin
fuck you in the ass, he's going to lose you forever."

"No," muttered the teen girl.

The rope was taken away. Cassie slowly turned over, and pushed her
ass up in the air. Robin placed his cock at the rim of her asshole. He
slowly pushed the head of his member into her ass, lubricated by a
combination of their cum.

Cassie grunted as Robin's cock shoved into her ass all the way. The
pain to her virgin ass being stretched by her lover's prick was
incredible, but it was small cost for his love. In and out, Robin
franticly struck away the tightness, until he was able to produce a
steady rhythm.

"Why won't he move?" asked Secret.

"I'm not sure," said Impulse. "Maybe it's aliens, or the mind control

Superboy's lack of movement or speech was causing them some concern.
The two most naive members of Young Justice weren't the best to combat
complex problems, but they knew one when they saw one.

Impulse thought long and hard, a minute for him. "If it's like
Martian Maze Monster, then he should snap out of it after we rescue the
hostages. The villain gets so preoccupied stopping the heroes, he
forgets to maintain control over the secret helpers."

"Do you think it'll work?" Secret asked, concerned.

"Couldn't hurt."

"Where are the hostages?"


Impulse and Secret turned to the doorway leading into the club, the
direction of the scream. They ran through it, pushing the doors open
with such force that the frame cracked. They stopped upon entering the
room, watching the action on stage. The tables were empty, all the
customers were on stage, passed out. Each customer had their limp cock
hanging out of their pants, some of their hands holding their flaccid

In the middle of all the men, Arrowette was on her knees, eyes closed
tight, her entire being concentrated in a masturbating frenzy. She was
covered in cum, the stuff coating her body in both dry and fresh form,
head to toe. Large concentrations of cum dripped from her ass, cunt, and
face, but semen glistened light off of every part of her body. The
furious action of her hands playing with her cunt was causing small
drops of cum to fly everywhere.

The heroine was trying to reach the orgasm she had been awaiting for
what seemed like eternity. It felt like an ocean was trying to push
through a floodgate, forcing the barrier to breaking limits, building up
force, yet still not enough to push through. Her screams were moans as
well as pleas for relief, as she hovered on the limits of ultimate

"What's Arrowette doing?" asked Secret.

"I'm not sure," Impulse marveled. He could garner a guess, but didn't
want to say anything. Arrowette's cunt was filled with the stuff on her
body when he had left her in Throne's office, but her current actions
were a conundrum to the speedster.

Secret floated over to the stage. "Um, Arrowette?"

Arrowette opened her eyes, to stare into the gaze of Secret. The
effects of Thorne's mind control were broken, and the floodgates holding
back her orgasm released the effect which had been building up for over
an hour. The cry of pleasure she gave was long and loud.

When it was over, Impulse helped Arrowette up. As Arrowette's mind
recovered from the effects of the long climax, she was suddenly
horrified at the full realization of what she had done. She threw
herself into Impulse's arms, much to the speedster's confusion.

Sobbing into Impulse's shoulder, Arrowette tried desperately to
explain to him why she was covered in cum, and masturbating like a whore.
She hadn't understood what had happened, it was like a bad dream. She
didn't mean to do any of it, she just had to. She didn't want to do any
of it, she loved Impulse. It would never happen again. Please, she
didn't want Impulse to leave her. She was so sorry.

"Please Impulse, I only want to be with you. Don't leave me," she

"Um, okay," said Impulse, unsure of what was going on.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," cried Arrowette. She hugged the
speedster to herself tightly, covering his costume with her spunky
covering. "I promise, from now on, I'll only let you fuck me."

As confused as Impulse was, Secret was twice so.

He picked Arrowette up. She snuggled her head into his shoulder, but
Impulse ignored it. Impulse carried the naked girl into the back, to
look for the others. Secret followed, floating behind them.

Robin shot semen up Wonder Girl's anal passage, and pulled out. A
thin string of semen hung between Robin's cock and Wonder Girl's asshole,
which was already dripping his seed.

"Very good," said Wonder Woman. She lassoed them yet again, and began
to issue forth more commands. "Robin, get hard again, you need to fuck
another part of your beloved Cassie's body."

Robin's cock sprung up again, causing the teen to grunt at the
sudden rush of blood to his penis so soon after it had left. Wonder
Woman removed the lasso; by now, their belief of their love for one
another was so strong that the lasso was only necessary to get the boy
constantly erect.

"Robin, fuck Cassie's tits, and cum all over her face. If you don't,
then we'll take her away from you forever, and make her fuck dogs for
the rest of her life."

The best part, thought Wonder Woman, is that they actually followed
her commands now out of fear of losing one another. She could threaten
them to do anything, and their love for each other, which she had given
them, would bring them back for more.

Robin turned Wonder Girl over. He gently straddled his beloved
Cassie's stomach, and placed his cock between her tits. Taking an orb
in each hand, he brought the young girl's breasts together to wrap his
cock but...

"Robin?" asked Wonder Girl.


"What's wrong?" asked Wonder Girl, distressed at Robin's worry.

"They're not big enough, Cassie," moaned Robin. "Your beautiful tits
aren't big enough. I can't fuck them."

"Oh, no. Robin, no. It's all my fault. I hate my small..."

"No, it's not your fault. Your tits are the most beautiful things
I've ever seen."

"What are we going to do? They'll tear us apart."

"I don't know. But it'll be okay. As long as we love..."

"Oh, for Hera's sake," muttered Wonder Woman. She looped the lasso
around the self-pitying teens, sick of their talk. "Forget what I said
about the tit fucking. Wonder Girl, here's what I want you to do."

"Who's Wonder Girl?" the teens asked in unison. Robin, still
straddling Wonder Girl, but hunched over, had Cassie in a loving
embrace. Both were afraid they were about to be parted.

"I mean Cassie. Here's what you can do to keep from being separated.
Go out into the main part of the club, and get a spoon and a drinking
glass. Make sure its a big one. Then go to each of the customers, and
give them a handjob. Collect all their cum in the drinking glass. Once
it's full, bring it back here."

Robin got off of Wonder Girl, and she pulled herself up. They gave
each other a quick kiss, and she left to complete her task of love.

Robin sat on the floor naked, his cock still hard. Wonder Woman
licked her lips, looking at the boy's rigid member, her own programming
beginning to kick in.

"Robin, I'm thirsty, come here and let me suck your balls dry."

"But I love Cassie, I couldn't..."

"Your girlfriend is out there getting who knows how many men off with
her little hands, not to mention what else they want from her. Get over

"She's only doing that so you won't take us away from one another."

"Then get over here, and let me at your cock, or I'll see to it that
the only time you tw

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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Ocean Sex Sex picture

Ocean Sex Sex picture

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Monday, July 26, 2004

Ocean Sex Sex story

part: Chapter 19
author: Miranda Mars
title: Laura's Story - an Interracial Lesbian Romance

Now that Rina had put her fears behind her, the girls were in
seventh heaven. The only thing that worried them was that they would
burn each other out. They couldn't leave one another alone, and woke
up in the middle of the night panting for a taste of each other.

They heard no more from Gerald, who was apparently afraid they
would turn him in to the police. The only problem to develop came
when Karen returned from her vacation, and called Laura's apartment.
Laura and Rina had agreed to separate for a few days, to keep their
hunger for each other from getting stale, and so Laura could talk
freely, even though she felt slightly guilty.

"A cruise, eh?" Laura teased. "I'll bet you screwed your way
around the Caribbean."

"Boys and girls, honey," Karen said. "But none of them comes
close to you. Can I come over?"

Laura was silent. She didn't know what to say. The mere
thought of Karen made her blood heat up, her pussy throb. But she
thought of Rina. She didn't want to betray Rina, and she remembered
what had happened the last time Karen had come over. It had almost
been the end.

Karen sensed Laura's dilemma. "I get it," she said softly.
"It's her, isn't it."

"Yes," Laura whispered.

"She came back?"


"You don't want to cheat on her."

"You know how I feel about you," Laura said, feeling like a
cheat even by saying it.

"Then why don't you come over here?" Karen suggested. "That
way she doesn't have to know. And we don't have to do without each
other. I've been thinking of nothing but you, Laura. Remember what
you said I owed you? I think I'm ready to pay."

Laura's whole body shook. The deep hot streak of perversion
that she and Karen had discovered in each other flared up. She knew
that wild horses couldn't keep her from going to the girl's

"I . . . I'll be there in fifteen minutes," she murmured.

"Mmmmm, I'll be waiting," Karen breathed.

The anticipation was delicious. She purposely undressed and
put on some very sexy underwear she had bought only that morning, a
black lace bra that barely concealed her nipples, and black lace
bikini panties that rose to thin strings at the hips. She had
planned to wear them for Rina, but she could still do that.

Then she put on a provocative miniskirt and a silk shirt. Why
am I dressing this way for her? she wondered. She already wants to
fuck me. I don't have to tempt her. Ahhhh, but it's fun to tempt
her! she realized.

And Karen must have felt the same way, Laura realized. The
black girl was wearing a tee-shirt with no bra beneath it, and tight
acid-washed jeans that clung to her every curve. Laura could feel
herself getting wet as soon as she stepped across the threshhold.

Karen's barely concealed breasts jiggled enticingly under her tee-
shirt, hard round balls of flesh that Laura had not touched for a
couple of months. The swollen bulbs of Karen's large, dark nipples
seemed even bigger under the fabric of the shirt than Laura

Karen closed the door and they both just stood there, feeling
somehow nervous.

"God, it's so great to see you," Laura giggled.

Karen's eyes smouldered. "I missed you so much."

"Can I kiss you?"

"You'd better."

They started tentatively, like strangers, but in seconds they
were devouring each other's mouth. Finally, they forced themselves
apart. This time they weren't going to fall to the floor like two
animals in heat and tear one another's clothes off. They had time.
They could let it build, and they both seemed to know that they could
make it better by going slowly.

They went into the livingroom. Karen made drinks and they sat
at opposite ends of the sofa, eyeing each other. Neither girl could
take her eyes off the other one. I don't know how long we'll be able
to hold off, Laura thought. She looks like she wants to rape me.

And look at her breasts! God, I forgot they were so firm, so
round! I'd give anything to . . .

"So . . . you still want me?" Karen murmured coyly. "Even
though you're into a heavy duty affair with that goregous girl who
almost dumped you when she saw you with me?"

"You know how to say things so accurately," Laura smiled. "In
fact, I could eat you alive, no matter who I'm involved with."

"Really?" Karen smiled. "Eat me? Really?"

"Really," Laura said darkly, licking her lips sensually with
the tip of her tongue.

"I don't suppose you'd like to try," Karen grinned

Laura put down her drink. She swallowed. She could hardly
believe the hot blood hammering through her veins, the wild lust that
Karen always inspired in her. It was undiminished. And it was not
like the physical hunger she felt for Rina. Karen somehow spurred
awake a dangerous need in her, a need for fierce, intense, even
perverted mingling, a need to rape and be raped in return.

Still teasing her, Karen slowly lifted her tee-shirt up over
her breasts, exposing the perfect dark balls of flesh. Her large
black nipples were soft and gleaming.

"Maybe you'd like to start with these," she said softly,
watching Laura's eyes as Laura looked at them.

"I would," Laura whispered.

She slid/scooted down the sofa until she was sitting next to
Karen. She took Karen's wonderful naked breasts in her hands,
lowering her mouth to one thick, swelling nipple. She sucked it into
her mouth. Then, as they always did with each other, she sucked in
more of Karen's breast, filling her mouth with the firm globe. Karen
whimpered uncontrollably. Laura sucked without stopping, holding
Karen's breast in both hands and squeezing it as she sucked.

"Oh god . . . oh god!" Karen whimpered softly. "God, baby,
you're going to swallow it!"

Laura released the wet breast from her mouth, caressing Karen's
stiffening nipple with her tongue, looking up at the girl from
beneath her eyelashes.

"I'm going to eat it," she whispered. "I'm going to . . . bite


"Do you want me to?"

"God . . . yes!"

"Mmmmm, then I'm not going to do it 'till you beg me," she
grinned, assaulting Karen's other breast in the same way, making
Karen squirm and whimper uncontrollably.

When both of Karen's nipples were wet and erect, Laura pushed
the girl's incredible breasts together and sucked them alternately,
first one shiny, bulging nipple, then the other, driving Karen into a
frenzy of need.

"Ohhhhnnn . . . ohhnnnn . . . god, it's so good!" Karen moaned,
twisting, looking down at Laura's mouth and hands tormenting her
beautiful breasts. "Oh god . . . baby, do me, do me! I can't wait!"

Laura smiled as she unzipped Karen's tight jeans and pulled
them down the girl's shapely, naked legs. She slipped her fingers
under the elastic of Karen's panties and slowly skimmed them down the
girl's hard, glossy thighs. Karen was shaking.

She groaned excitedly as Laura's lips touched the flat skin of
her belly, as Laura pulled the panties off her ankles.

"Nobody can fuck me like you do," she panted. "Nobody can make
me come by sucking my breasts, like you do."

"Oh! You want me to suck you and bite you and make you come
that way?" Laura teased.

"Oh god!"

Karen was quivering uncontrollably, parting her thighs as Laura
slid between them.

"I can't stand it that you're still dressed," she panted.
"Quick, get undressed. Please!"

Laura knew she had stimulated Karen so much that a few minutes
of undressing wouldn't hurt.

"Quick?" she said. "Why do you want me to do it quickly?
Don't you want to watch?"

"Yes," Karen gasped.

First Laura slowly unbuttoned her silk shirt. She let it fall
off her shoulders, revealing her lacy black bra, scooped low,
stopping just above her nipples, showing plenty of tempting cleavage.
She turned so that Karen could see her remove it in profile.

"Don't you love this bra?" she asked softly.

"I love what's in it," Karen murmured.

The black girl watched mesmerized as Laura reached both hands
behind her back and unclasped her bra. Slowly she peeled the straps
forward, letting the thin shoulder strings slip off. The bra slid
down her arms to the floor. She turned so that Karen could see all
of her exquisite naked breasts.

"They're more beautiful than I remembered," Karen whispered.

Laura was out of her miniskirt in seconds, but she tantalized
Karen further by slowly slipping her black panties down and off her
legs. When she was finally naked, she slipped back between Karen's
firm, silky black thighs. She embraced Karen, kissing her heatedly,
rubbing her own naked breasts against Karen's. The sensations made
them both shiver with sharp convulsions sexual need.

Laura dropped her mouth to Karen's breasts again, quickly
sucking her bulging nipples erect again, this time hinting with her
teeth, hinting what she would do if begged. The hint was all Karen
needed to go nearly crazy with lust.

At the same time, Laura dropped one hand between the girl's
thighs. Karen's pussy was flooding with fuck-juice, wet and puckered
and hot, and Laura caressed it with her fingers, bringing new
desperate moans to Karen's throat. The more she kissed and sucked
the girl's breasts and toyed with her pussy, the more urgent Karen's
whimpering grew, the more she churned and quivered and strained for

"Do you want it?" she whispered.

"Y . . . yes!" Karen stammered.

"Do you want it hard?"

"Oh yes!"

"Beg me."

"Oh please! Please, Laura . . . please!"

"Please what?"

Karen's dark eyes throbbed with fire. Her voice was clotted
and hoarse with lust. She implored Laura with her murky gaze.

"Fuck me . . . bite me . . . do me, please!" she begged. "I'm
so close. I love you to fuck me! Please . . . quick!"

Laura dipped her face to Karen's incredible breasts. She
sucked one huge nipple into her mouth, sucking it hard, then sank her
teeth into it. At the same time she scissored Karen's clit between
her fingers, rubbing it sharply.

"Anngghiieieeee!" Karen cried out.

Her luscious body arched, shuddered, then exploded in spasms of
intense coming. It was a fierce, wrenching orgasm. Karen grimaced
and cried out as tremors of ecstacy shook her body. And Laura nearly
swallowed the girl's other nipple in the same way, biting it and
rubbing Karen's clit hard again, bringing on another sharp,
convulsive climax.

"Ungghh! Oh! Anngghiieee!" Karen cried out again, coming

Unable to let go, Laura slid down between Karen's quivering
thighs and fastened her mouth on the girl's streaming pussy. She
sucked Karen's swollen clit, slowly, then more passionately, finally
with white-hot urgency, and in seconds Karen was coming a third time,
whinnying and writhing helplessly as fresh waves of bliss shattered
her undulating flesh.

By the time it was over, they had nearly destroyed Karen's
sofa, and both of them were sliding off onto the floor. Karen was
gasping and sighing, trying to get her breath, still groggy from
three overpowering orgasms in a row. Laura was embracing and kissing
her, very aroused herself from what she had done to Karen.

"God, you really know how to ring my bells, Laura," Karen said,
looking all disheveled and groggy with sex. "Nobody makes me come
like that."

"Mmmmmm, my pleasure," Laura purred.

"And nobody keeps going either," Karen confessed, still half-
breathless from the wild fucking she had received. "Three in a row."

"You've done it for me," Laura murmured.

Karen pulled her down next to her on the floor. "And I've got
news for you. I'm going to do it again."


"I'm going to tie you up and fuck you," Karen said. "Just like
I promised."

Laura shuddered visibly. She closed her eyes and sucked in her

"What's the matter? You don't want it now?" Karen teased.

"I do. It almost makes me come to think of it, that's all."

"Baby," Karen whispered, cupping and squeezing Laura's naked
breasts, "in twenty minutes you'll be begging me to let you come.
Come into the bedroom with me."

They went down the short hall to Karen's bedroom. Laura was
shaking slightly, frantic with sexual excitement. Oh god, she
thought. What if I can't take it? What if it hurts?

"What if it hurts?" she asked Karen in a small, fearful voice
as Karen shut the bedroom door behind them.

Karen embraced her. They were both naked, and Karen ran her
hands all over Laura's smooth, perfect body.

"I love your body," she whispered. "I would only hurt you as
much as you want, only to make you come hard. Just the way you hurt
me. Like you did a minute ago. And I came three times."

Laura didn't know what to say. She knew she didn't want to
back out. She remember the orgasms she had given Karen when Karen
was tied up. They seemed more powerful than anything she had ever
imagined. Can I have those too? she wondered.

And while she was wondering, sitting on the edge of Karen's
kingsize bed, she saw Karen take a long coil of white rope out of the
bedstand cupboard. It was the same rope she had used to tie up
Karen. Laura began to shake again.

Karen pushed her down gently on her back on the bed. "I think
the way you tied me up was good, don't you?" the black girl asked
coyly. "Especially with that pillow under my ass. What good touch.
It made it so easy for you to reach--and shall we say rape?--my
buried treasures."

Obediently, Laura raised her ass up to let Karen scoot a pillow
underneath. Then she watched with fear and fascination as Karen tied
her ankles to either side of the bed's footboard, splaying her legs,
leaving her crotch completely vulnerable.

"God . . . it's a good thing I trust you," she murmured, her
voice trembling.

"You don't have any choice now, do you?" Karen smiled, leaning
over Laura's supine body, dangling her scrumptious naked breasts in
Laura's face as she tied Laura's wrists to the headboard. "Oh!"
Karen gasped, as Laura's mouth caught one bulging black nipple and
sucked it hard. "Unnhhh!"

Finally, she pulled away. Her nipple and part of her breast
were wet with Laura's saliva, the black nub protruding excitedly.

"Mmmmm," she grinned, her eyes flashing, "now I remember that I
had to make you come before you would make me. Wouldn't it be fun to
do that again?"

Laura grinned too, looking down as Karen began wrapping coils
of rope around each of her naked breasts. The perfect globes swelled
and flushed pink. Just as she had done to Karen, Karen was careful
to make the coils tight enough but not so tight as to cause pain.
Consequently, Laura's swelling breasts throbbed, and her thick coral
nipples flared and bulged, sending wild sexual thrills through her

"Oh Jesus . . . are you going to suck me?" Laura asked,
breathless with sexual desire. "Please."

Patiently, Karen continued with the rope, pulling it down
between Laura's thighs on one side of Laura's cunt, then up, then
coiling it tightly around Laura's midriff.

"You want me to suck you?" she whispered, lowering her face to
Laura's strangled breasts, extending her tongue.

"God . . . I'll come if you do," Laura panted, writhing.

Karen knotted the rope. Then she ran her fingers all over the
taut, bulging balls of Laura's strangled breasts, teasing Laura's
bursting, protruding nipples with her fingertips. Laura squirmed.
Her pussy streamed with juice. She knew the merest touch of Karen's
lips on her nipples would make her explode with coming.

Karen knew it too. She touched one of Laura's bursting nipples
with the tip of her tongue. A violent seizure of sexual excitement
shook Laura.

"Ohhnnnn!" she moaned loudly, shaking. "Please!"

But then Karen, smiling, drew back. "Oh no," she murmured.
"Not so quick. I'm not going to make it so easy on you."

"Ohhh . . . Karen, please! God, I need it!"

"But Laura, you have to make me come first, remember?"

"But I already did!" Laura moaned. "Three times."

"Mmmmm, but I want four." Karen swarmed all over Laura's
trussed body, kissing and caressing her, squeezing Laura's roped,
bulging breasts, rubbing Laura's wet pussy with her knee, kissing
Laura's neck, frenching her ear. "I want another one, baby," she
breathed. "Then you can come. After you make me come again."

"Oh please . . . please!" Laura whimpered, writhing

By now Karen was panting and gasping herself, feverish with
lust for Laura's tightly-bound body. Laura had known the feeling
herself and was not surprised, though her own need was even more
frantic. The feel of Karen's silky body swarming all over her made
her quiver with lust. She wanted to be devoured, ravished, fucked,
raped, reamed, and consumed by the girl.

Karen straddled Laura's head, holding her inflamed pussy open
with her fingers and lowering it onto Laura's mouth. Laura eagerly
stabbed her tongue up into the fiery slit, tongue-fucking Karen and
flicking the girl's clit in such a delirious frenzy that Karen's body
clenched, and she came in violent spasms almost immediately.

"Ungghh! Oh! Anngghhh! Mnnngggggeeee!" Karen cried out,
holding her cunt open over Laura's mouth as successive waves of her
orgasm wrenched her luscious body.

Finally, her eyes still glazed from the shockwaves, her breath
coming hard, she slid down Laura's bound body and kissed her,
massaging Laura's throbbing pussy with two fingers and teasing
Laura's swollen, popping nipples again with her tongue.

"Oh baby, you're good . . . sooo good," she panted, sucking
Laura's nipples just enough to make Laura want to scream with almost
unbearable sexual tension, but not enough to make her come.

"Oh . . . ohhhh!" Laura gasped.

"You're going to come, baby, don't worry," Karen panted to her.
"Just a minute . . . just a minute."

She left the bed briefly, darting over to the closet, then
returned with the oddest looking gadget in her hand.

"I got this just for us," she said, her eyes still swimming
with lust. "Look."

It was the longest, thickest dildo Laura had ever seen.
Resembling a grotesque, monstrous penis on both ends, it was about
two feet long and as thick around as a salame, with bulging ridges
along the shaft, and thick bulbs like penis heads on each end. God,
Laura thought, it's even bigger than Whatshisname's who was part of
Gerald's gangbang party.

"It'll kill me," she whispered hoarsely to Karen, who began
rubbing one end of the monster all over her own naked breasts, then
sucking it obscenely.

"Don't be silly," she giggled. "I've already used it twice.
It's like getting screwed by a horse."

"I never wanted to be screwed by---"

"A horse. I know. Trust me, Laura."

She got on the bed next to Laura and began rubbing one end of
the huge dildo all over Laura's bound body. She teased Laura's
bulging, strangled breasts with it, rubbing them with one end, then
tickling Laura's popping nipples again with her tongue. Laura went
wild. The rope bit into her flesh as she strained and squirmed and

Finally Karen slid down Laura's body to her groin. She rubbed
one end of the massive dildo against Laura's wet, blossoming
pussylips, murmuring hot, dirty things to her.

"Don't you want it in you?" she whispered. "Laura, don't you
want to be fucked and fucked by it? Hard? Don't you want me to fuck
you hard? To ram it into you, and turn it, and plunge it, and make
you beg and cry and plead? Don't you, baby, don't you?"

"Oh god!" Laura whimpered. "Yes . . . Karen, yes! Oh . . .
please put something in my mouth. I . . . I'm afraid I'll scream."

"Mmmmmm, of course you'll scream," Karen said softly. Her eyes
flashed with lust and mischief. "I thought of everything."

She leaned over and from beneath the bed she pulled out a
leather harness, silver-studded, with a red mouth ball in the center.
Quickly, she slipped the harness over Laura's head. The ball fit
into Laura's mouth. Then Karen fastened the strap at the side of
Laura's head.

Now Laura was completely helpless, at Karen's mercy. She
couldn't even scream. Somehow her plight heightened their mutual
lust. Laura could feel her hot blood rush even faster, and her pussy
flood with fuck-juice. She could see the added intensity of desire
in Karen's eyes.

She began to quiver uncontrollably as the black girl took the
dildo again and began to tease the tingling lips of Laura's cunt with
it. She held her breath, clenched her teeth. The huge bulb on the
end of the shaft slipped into her pussy.

"Nuunnhh!" she gasped.

Then Karen pushed about seven or eight inches of the shaft into
her, stopping only when Laura's body erupted in wild shaking, and she
moaned sharply.

"Ungghhhh! Nggghhhhh!"

Her whole body felt crammed with it, splitting, bursting,
throbbing, transfigured by white-hot pain that slowly, slowly
modulated into fierce sexual paroxysms, fed by Karen's movement of
the gigantic thing in and out of her. Karen was fucking her with it,
and Laura was wincing, sobbing, biting the hard red ball in her
mouth, groaning and whimpering as the phenomenal, incandescent
pleasure d her tightly-bound body.

Karen had orchestrated this whole event to deliver maximum
sexual pleasure to Laura and to herself. Holding the dildo in one
hand, and fucking Laura's tightly crammed pussy slowly with it, she
also put her arm around Laura's neck and lowered her mouth to Laura's
swollen, throttled breasts, sucking Laura's bursting nipples, then
biting them, thrusting the huge rubber cock deep into Laura. A few
seconds of this was enough to make Laura spill over with torrents of

"Nnngghmmmm! Nnmmgggeeee!" she wailed, her body straining and
spasming through a scalding, clenching orgasm.

But this was only the beginning. Still quivering and gasping
from the aftershocks of her climax, Laura only half-realized what
Karen was doing until she felt Karen lubricating the crack of her ass
with warm oil. Oh god! she thought. God, it'll kill me!

But she didn't have time to dwell on it. Karen spread Laura's
oiled buns and slid two fingers up into her ass, to open it. Tears
welled up in Laura's eyes. She groaned softly. Then she felt the
other end of the dildo replacing Karen's fingers, pushing into her
ass like a baseball bat, further in, deep.

Her whole body stiffened with pain. The thing was gigantic,
and her poor asshole flamed with excruciating pain that slowly,
slowly turned into perverse, intense, maniacial sexual pleasure. She
was now crammed by both ends of the monster, in her pussy and her
ass, her body writhing and straining against the ropes, her muffled
groans deep and d.

The sensations were so intense that she almost blacked out.
But when Karen began moving the huge aritificial cocks in and out of
Laura's body, fucking her with them, there was no way Laura could
lose consciousness. Nothing, not Rick and Jamie together, or the
gangbang by Gerald and his brother's buddies, could equal the
horrible, fierce intensity of these gigantic invaders of her ass and

And though Karen started slowly, she quickly jacked up the
tempo, plunging the cocks into Laura rapidly and roughly, holding the
dildo with both hands and raping Laura with it, aroused by Laura's
strangled cries and garbled moans into an even fiercer fever of lust.
In a brief flash, Laura recalled how she had fucked Karen the same
way, and was getting it in return. Hints of the killing ecstacy that
awaited her began to appear. She quivered and strained, feeling her
body respond involuntarily to the savage rape she was receiving, much
as she had responded in spite of herself to the gangbang.

And then, suddenly, without warning, she was there. Her
d body arched off the bed. Her pelvis shuddered wildly, her
throttled cries became hysterical shrieks, and a nuclear bomb of an
orgasm shattered her flexing, squirming body.

"Mnngghgnnkkjjnngggiieee!" she screamed, gagged by the rubber
ball, groaning and grunting in feverish, animalistic frenzy.

And Karen's naked body was all over hers as she came, rubbing
her, sucking her strangled breasts, still fucking her brutally with
the double dildo, bringing wild, gargled screams of ecstacy from deep
in Laura's throat, and sparking fresh, excruciating climaxes from
Laura's d, shuddering flesh.

Then, when Laura thought it was over, she felt Karen sliding
one end of the dildo out of her ass. Through a hot fog of bliss she
saw the black girl slipping it into her own cunt. Now Karen was
hovering over her, fucking her like a man, but the dildo was in both
of their pussies. They churned their hips frantically, going crazy
with fresh lust.

"Oh! Unhh! Oh god!" Karen panted, pumping and gasping
uncontrollably as she embraced Laura and fucked her wildly.

And Laura was fucking back, too. It was the hottest, most
passionate and frenzied fuck they had ever shared, and even though
Laura was tied up, she pumped her pussy up into the plunging dildo,
meeting Karen thrust for thrust, groaning and keening hysterically as
another fierce, all-consuming orgasm began to wrench them both.

It was an agony of coming for both of them. Locked together,
moaning and quivering, they let it run its course. Then Karen untied
and ungagged Laura and the two of them melted together in a long,
slow, gentle, healing fuck that lasted almost twenty thrilling
minutes before another mutual explosion of coming joined them again
in a fever of wrenching bliss.

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